Swiss Life Sciences Group Develops Cannabis Genetics For Healthcare

Swiss Life Sciences Group Develops Cannabis Genetics For Healthcare

Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc (SLSG) is pleased to announce its partnership with Switzerlands leading cannabis and CBD genetics experts, Bio Zu Farm, who have been developing their own cannabis genetics for more than 25 years. Bio Zu are now the owners of leading cannabis strains such as BZ1, one of Europes most popular strains, which is being widelygrown in every EU country and enjoyed by millions of consumers globally.

The Swiss Life Sciences Group and its Swiss subsidiary, Savim SA, are developing specific proprietary strains of cannabis, with a focus on various areas, but particularly on future medical treatments for a variety of illnesses and diseases, including epilepsy, autism, and the different stages of COVID19. The aim is to develop genetics that perfectly match the terpene profiles, THC levels andCBD levels that are already being successfully used in treatments, and improve on them with elite genetics. The Swiss Life Sciences Group objective is to make available globally a selection of proprietary medical cannabis strains and associated medical treatments, with irrefutable tracking and integrity, from genetics to end product.

Bio Zu Farm is also managing the setup and operation of Swiss Life Sciences Groups stateoftheart, controlled
environment production facility in Switzerland. This facility uses the very latest in advanced propagation systems and
block chain management technology to deliver premium pharmaceuticalgrade proprietary strains of cannabis to the CBD healthcare and medical industries.

Matteo Ambrosini, COO of Bio Zu Farm: “We are very excited to be working with Swiss Life Sciences Group and the team at Savim SA to bring our experience and expertise in the field of cannabisrelated genetics to the wider consumer marketplace. This fits with our own strong values and commercial objectives. The groups objective to build from the ground up, by developing their own strains of cannabis genetics, is refreshing in the cannabis industry. Looking at what is already out there and making it better and more widely available has always been something we admire. The attention to detail we are taking in the setup and operation of the production facility is guided by SLSG, to make sure that we will be at the cutting edge of the industry. Striving for technical excellence and innovation at every stage is our goal.”

JP Engele, COO of Savim SA: “We have spent over two years carrying out much granular research, both vertically and horizontally, in choosing the partnerships that we want to have here in Switzerland. There are many seed producers, but none of them come with the pedigree of genetics expertise and integrity of Bio Zu Farm. Both Matteo and President and Founder Davis Ramelli, are consummate professionals and genuinely care about moving this industry from agrey areato being clearly in the white and transparent field of play. This allows everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy products that will be lifechanging for so many. We will continue to form partnerships here in Switzerland, and are very happy with the integration we are achieving and the team we are building. Handsdown, Bio Zu are the right partners.”

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